CLEANING In most circumstances, you can clean your monument with water and a soft-bristle brush (don't use wire bristles or household cleaners). For stones with heavy stains or algae/moss that do not come out with regular cleaning, contact us. We use specially-designed chemicals and techniques to penetrate the microscopic pores in the monument. Prices start at $95 and depend on the size and condition of the stone. We will always examine the stone first and give you a detailed price quote. We clean all newly purchased stones before installation.

       SEALANT We can also apply a sealant to your stone to prevent/delay the recurrence of stains/algae/moss for $95. The sealant is particularly useful for stones located in "problem areas": monuments which are under trees or are surrounded by tall shrubbery. Newly purchased stones are NOT treated with sealant.

       REPAIRS/RE-SETS If your stone has been damaged (chipped or cracked), if a statue (marble or granite) has been damaged or broken, or if your stone is noticeably leaning (or has fallen over), we can repair it. Prices vary depending on the work involved. Simply contact us, and we will inspect the stone and give you a detailed price quote along with any options available. Damaged photos are usually not repairable and often need to be replaced (see "PRODUCTS" above for details). Photos which have fallen out of the monument but remain intact can be re-set (if we originally installed the photo in your stone, we will re-set it for free).