Black & white or color ceramic photos can be added to nearly any monument, crypt front or urn (your cemetery may or may not allow photos--we can let you know their rules). Prices start at $185 and $225 (for black & white and color, respectively). There are many shapes and sizes to choose from. We can use either a traditional photograph (which will be returned to you) or a digital file. Ceramic photos also provide a more economical alternative to adding long verses or scenic designs.

       Granite vases can be cemented to the base of your monument (for two-piece stones) or cemented into the ground in front of your monument. (Your cemetery may or may not allow vases.) Vases start at $95, depending on size and color (the color can, in most cases, be matched to your monument). Marble vases are also available for indoor use. A metal liner is available (upon request, no charge) for using the vase with flowers that need constant water.

       Candles are available to be placed in the ground at the foot of your stone. They come various colors, and the candle inside is replacable. The outer assembly also comes in several different varieties. Eternal Candles (or PeaceLites) are another option. These are solar powered candles that can be permanently affixed to your stone. They automatically light up at dusk. Eternal candles are available in several different shapes, crosses, hearts, etc.

       We have a large array of religious statues available. These come in a wide array of sizes and styles: indoor/outdoor, painted/unpainted, etc. They can be attached to your monument or crypt front or be used for at-home garden or indoor use. Prices start at $95 and vary depending on options.


Urns are used for cremains. These can be made of marble or granite, and can be adorned much like any cemetery monument; you can add inscriptions, photos, etchings, etc. and come in a wide variety of colors.

We also manufacture metal plaques (bronze or zinc), which can be used indoors and outdoors, in offices, schools, homes, parks or houses of worship. Whether you need a memorial plaque, complete with an image or logo cast in metal or hundreds of individual name/room placards, we can supply them. (If you need a bronze marker for cemetery use, see "Monuments" above.)