If you already have a monument in a cemetery and need to add a loved one's name and/or dates, we can match any existing inscription (letter font, size & format) flawlessly. Our standard price is $350.00 for a typical name/date inscription. Please note that this price can vary, depending on your particular monument. You can also add a verse (approx. $6/letter) at this time, as well photos, etchings, vases, etc. (see "products" and "services" above for more details.) In most cases, we can visit the gravesite first to give you a price quote.

       Please note that your particular cemetery may not allow certain additions to your stone; they may also charge a permit fee (usually between $50 to $200), or request to see your original cemetery deed. In all cases, we will inform you beforehand of any such cemetery regulations.

       Lettering usually take 6 to 12 weeks to complete, and must be paid in advance. In almost all cases, the inscription is added at the gravesite--your stone is not removed from the grave. Upon request, we can mail/email you a photo of the completed work free of charge.